“I Can Die Or I Can Witness… Make Me A Witness For You.”

Over the last year, Sunita* (25) and her sister Meena* (32) have endured intense persecution from members of their village.

This article was first published in our Frontline Faith Magazine – The Rise of Extremism Edition. We have included a September 2016 update at the end of this article.

Their persecution started with their father Meena tells us. “He did not lock us up. But in every aspect we had to take care of ourselves. The entire village rejected us, but we were blessed by the Lord.” Continue reading

Ministry To North Koreans: Interview With An Insider

Recently we spoke to Brother Simon* who works for Open Doors with North Korean believers. Simon has worked with the North Korean underground church for many years. He knows exactly how deadly working with Christians in North Korea is. 

Kim Jong-Un’s government has sent hundreds of security officials along the North Korean border with China. The aim – to kidnap, and now kill, missionaries and others helping North Korean refugees.

For North Korea, the murder of Pastor Han Choong Yeol in April was a warning to everyone helping North Korean refugees and in particular Christians. Brother Simon is aware of the risks and lives everyday knowing the danger of this ministry.

Life in North Korea.

Life in North Korea.

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Korean-Chinese Pastor Martyred For His Faith

In April, North Korean secret agents martyred a Korean-Chinese pastor who lived in a town on the Chinese border with North Korea. Pastor Han Choong Yeol was active in helping North Korean refugees. He helped provide food, medicines, clothes and other goods they needed for survival back in North Korea. Pastor Han was dedicated to serving God’s Kingdom and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Paston Han. Image: Weixin

Paston Han. Image: Weixin

On Saturday 30 April, Pastor Han left his home just after noon, expected back at 5pm. When he didn’t return, people went out in search of him. They found him in the early evening with multiple stab wounds. Continue reading

Church Closures in China For G20 Summit: What Politicians Didn’t Discuss

View over West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

View over West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

The G20 Summit just finished in Hangzhou, China. While the most publicised event was arguably President Obama’s Air Force One staircase incident, a lot happened over the few days.

But some things didn’t make the news. 

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Creating Jobs – Suaad From Iraq

This blog was written by Emma, an Open Doors Australia worker.

Meet Suaad:

Suaad Has Been A Tailor In Iraq Since The 1980s.

I met Suaad when I travelled to Iraq earlier this year. Suaad has worked as a tailor since the 1980s, in Mosul. In 2014, Islamic State militants forced her to leave her home overnight. Now Suaad is staying with her brother and his family in a city in northern Iraq. She’s a widow and has no children, and hasn’t been able to return to her town.

She said, “I feel heavy inside, not knowing what has happened to my town. But one thing I do know—God is still there. Whatever other people have done to us, God is the one in charge.” Continue reading


This 17-Year-Old’s Faith Is Unshakeable

This blog was written by Alice, an Open Doors Australia worker.

At just seven years old, Miriam and her mother were left to care for six children under the age of seven.

Recently I returned from the Horn of Africa meeting persecuted Christians. Meeting Miriam was an experience that impacted my whole outlook on the global church – the Body of Christ.

Miriam from the Horn of Africa.

Miriam is 17 years old. 

She grew up in a Muslim village as the eldest of seven children. She shared with me memories of her childhood that I’m sure are not too different to many of us; she spoke about the fact that she was very close to her dad, and loved spending time with him. She remembered her dad talking about Jesus, and reaching out to Muslims in their community.  Continue reading

Bakery Iraq

Iraq: A Bakery With A Difference

Ghazan was a successful business owner, he owned a transportation company. That was back in his home town, on the Nineveh Plain in Iraq. He left his home when Islamic State forced them out. Now, the 47-year-old father of three works at a bakery in Erbil.

The first person you see when you walk down this busy shopping street is Ghazan. With his head sticking through the shop window, he is waiting for his next customer. When a customer arrives he skilfuly fills a plastic bag with ‘samoon’, traditional Iraqi bread. “Please try some!” he says. Anyone would think he had been a baker his whole life!

Ghana from the bakery.

Ghazan in the window of the bakery.

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