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Iraq: Open Doors is helping Refugees by providing relief…

Raja* is a young woman from Mosul. For a few years now she has been living in the safer North of Iraq. After the extremist Islamists of ISIS took over Mosul in June, the majority of the remaining Christians of Mosul also fled to the North. Raja is helping in the relief program for these refugees that is supported by Open Doors and shares about her experiences.

*Name Changed

Part 1 – Church in North Iraq filled with refugees
Part 2 – Kidnapped Nuns return safely
Part 3 – “We are still proud to be Christians. We will always be…”
Part 4 – Churches reaching capacity as Refugees flee from IS

Open Doors is currently working in Iraq and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing support and encouragement to Christians who are suffering for their faith.
Islamic State (IS) is persecuting Christians across Iraq and Syria, forcing people to flee to neighbouring countries. Christians across the Middle East are facing opposition and oppression.

Open Doors wants to be equipped to deal with this tragedy as the situation changes.
If you would like to give a donation, you can do so online
, and please put “Middle East” in the comments section, allowing us to use your gift where the need is greatest in the Middle East region. If you leave the comments section blank, your gift will be used where most needed around the world.

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