Kidnapped Nuns return safely

Refugee Relief: Part 2

Raja* is a young woman from Mosul. For a few years now she has been living in the safer North. After the extremist Islamists of ISIS took over Mosul in June, the majority of the remaining Christians of Mosul also fled to the North. Raja is helping in the relief program for these refugees that is supported by Open Doors and shares about her experiences.

Connecting hose - water distribution in Iraq

Open Doors in cooperation with several local partners working to distribute much-needed water.

“Working with refugees from Mosul means you hear a lot of sad stories. In Mosul everyone can be your enemy: you need to watch your every step. It was like that when I was still living there, but now it’s much worse. For me the stories aren’t just stories. It’s my reality: it’s about my city, about people I know. I always thank God that He helped us to flee out of Mosul.

One story that kept my mind occupied was the story of the kidnapped nuns. I first heard about it when I was distributing the relief a few weeks ago. A man came up to me in despair telling me that on his way out of Mosul he met the two nuns accompanied by three orphans at the gas station. These nuns run an orphanage in Mosul and most Christians know them, I know them as well. The thing that worried the man was that while he was on his way out of Mosul, the nuns were on their way back into Mosul. One of the nuns told him that they were going back to check upon their monastery and orphanage. The man begged them not to go back, but the nun said she wasn’t afraid. They never arrived in the monastery. They were kidnapped and for over two weeks we didn’t hear from them. I didn’t even dare to think about what could happen to them. Praise God that they have miraculously returned safely a few days ago.

I hear that people around the world are praying for us and supporting us. To those people I want to say: thank you.

You are far but can reach us here with your support. Moreover, your thoughts and prayers are valuable and God listens. We are going through a bad situation but there’s a positive side to it as well: Muslims are now seeing how violent their brothers in faith are acting and how Christianity shows love and peace. It makes some of them think deeply about what this means.”

*Name Changed

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