In Pictures: Refugees and Relief in Iraq

4 thoughts on “In Pictures: Refugees and Relief in Iraq

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  2. Thank you Open Doors …what a wonderful ministry…I am finding your updates so powerful in these current times. I am an Early Childhood Teacher who works in a very mixed cultural community in Sydney and I work alongside colleagues and families who are Muslim in background along with other cultures and Faiths also. Please pray I get an opportunity to initiate some prayer vigils after school sometime? If God would open the opportunity. I also have it on my heart that could we not rally the Body of Christ …The Church alongside our other community leaders in the Moslem community and others to make a stand for Peace? I know there are decent, caring moderate law abiding Muslims …they are our ‘colleagues’ ‘neighbours’ ‘friends’ who are just as appalled at the barbaric thuggery taking place in the Mid East …as much to their own as it is to our Christian Brothers and sisters….Surely we can take a stand together for Peace? Is there not a way to come together ..somewhere like Hyde Park in Sydney and no doubt similarly in other key places throughout our Nation. Would that not send a powerful message to the media ….I am sure If we approached key leaders in Public Education such as Teachers Federation and other key political leaders they would support such an event to stand for the values of our society. Praying still …with love in Christ Jesus … Charlene


  3. Thank the Lord for Open Doors and other aid agencies helping feed and house these people. Everybody please let us give generously to support the Iraqi refugees; people just like you and me.


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