Looking Back Over 60 Years of Ministry: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

The following includes excerpts taken from the book titled, ‘God’s Call’ (2002) by Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors.

“The political, social, and spiritual landscape of the earth has shifted dramatically since [Brother Andrew] first visited the communist world in 1955.”

The impact of the Berlin Wall during the years of 1961 – 1989 cannot be underestimated – it separated loved ones, isolated all those inside East Berlin and denied them of hope, even to the point of committing suicide for many.

However, the Berlin Wall also somehow served to strengthen God’s church.

Looking Back Over 60 Years of Ministry: Berlin Wall

Looking Back Over 60 Years of Ministry: Berlin Wall

“There can be something good about an Iron Curtain, especially when it drives you into the arms of a loving God… It helps you to see what is most important in life – your faith in Christ.”

When the wall was finally torn down, there was much rejoicing for the new-found freedom of Christians in former Soviet countries, yet they still faced a myriad of obstacles including unstable economies and politics.

Supporters of the ministry of Open Doors in Western Europe also had a valuable lesson to learn, despite their initial relief that God had answered their fervent prayers for the wall’s destruction. Even though Bibles were finally delivered and printed legally inside Russia and Eastern Europe, the mission was not done and Christians still needed much support, resources and prayer.

2015 marks 60 years since Open Doors began, established by Brother Andrew, a Dutch Christian who wanted to share the Bible with his persecuted brothers and sisters behind the Iron Curtain. What blessings God has given Open Doors since then! We now work in more than 60 countries and share God’s word in some of the most restricted nations on earth. You can find out more about Open Doors at our website.

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