Open Doors Interviews the Chairman of Moi University Christian Student’s Union

On April 2nd at least 148 people died in an Al-Shabaab attack at a Garissa University campus. The attackers demanded that each student state their faith, shooting Christians and allowing to Muslims leave. Shortly after the attack took place, Open Doors field workers visited Garissa to encourage the Christians and assess their needs. In Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, Open Doors staff also visited a local morgue to encourage and strengthen the families of those still searching for their loved ones among the victims. Open Doors has since caught up with a number of survivors to encourage them and offer them the support they so desperately need at a time such as this.


Frederick (Fred) Gitonga, 21-year-old Chairman of the Moi University Christian Students Union, miraculously survived the attack. He spoke to Open Doors about his experience. Continue reading

#BringBackOurGirls One Year On

One year ago today, the world was shocked by the brutality of Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, after they kidnapped 252 girls from the town of Chibok in Northern Nigeria. One year later, 232 of the girls are still missing.

At 10pm on April 14, Boko Haram attacked the Government Secondary School of Chibok. Many girls from the community were staying at the school with exams scheduled for the morning. Seven vehicles, loaded with armed men, entered the school compound. Some of the men set fire to buildings while others overpowered the security guards, stormed the dormitories, and forced 275 students into the vehicles at gunpoint. The attackers then sped away, disappearing into the Sambisa Forest.

Early news reports stated 100 girls had been kidnapped, then later 200, over the next few days the tally continued to grow until the grim figure was complete with 252 confirmed missing. About 20 eventually escaped, but the remaining 232 haven’t been heard from since, according to Open Doors sources. Most of the girls were Christian and some were Muslim. Continue reading