Bless Those Who Persecute You? (Part 1)

Bless Those Who Persecute You

Bless Those Who Persecute You (Image by Leonard Sweet)

“Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them: pray that God will bless them”– Romans 12:14

I often find it really difficult to know how to pray for the Persecuted Church, especially when I read Paul’s words in Romans 12 and even more so when I think about what an incredibly challenging start to the year it’s been as we see the need for our ministry only increase which means that conditions for Christians all over the world are deteriorating.

I am sure you’ll remember on the Easter weekend in April this year 147 students were killed in Kenya with many of them being asked if they were Christian or Muslim before being shot, it was this tragedy that turned my prayer life on its head and I’d love to tell you why. As I processed what had happened in Kenya I saw fear, hatred, selfishness, a lack of grace, compassion and love and what’s crazy is I saw all of these emotions in me! It’s the moment in time I realized that I might pray everyday for the suffering church but unless I am courageous enough to pray for those committing these crimes… well, I’m just not living an authentic faith or being an authentic leader of this ministry.

Because of this I now wear an Open Doors, ‘One with Them’ wristband and consider it one of my most treasured items becuase it serves as a constant reminder to pray as follows whenever I am praying for the Persecuted Church.

  1. Pray for the Persecutors
  2. Pray for the Persecuted
  3. Pray that you and I would draw closer to God and His church in doing so.

I hope that this has been an encouragement and a challenge to you… this ministry is life-changing on both sides of the equation and we have a growing role to play in helping people shine a light as brightly as they can for God in their culture whether that’s in the persecuted Church or in our local communities.

You see, I’m not here to end persecution or even reduce persecution, I’m here to give people the strength to stand in the face of persecution because the Bible I read talks of faith defined by persecution. I therefore resolve that the body of Christ in my care will not die on my watch and that God may be glorified in everything we ever do in this ministry.

One With Them wristbands

One With Them wristbands

If you’d like to take the ‘One With Them’ challenge and commit to  wearing a wrist band and praying for the Persecuted Church as outlined above please let us know and we can send you one or several wristbands* because all I know is that my

prayer life has changed for ever and for better.

Please let me know your thoughts on the One With Them Challenge and this BLOG by commenting below. As I said a moment ago it’s not too late to start the challenge, if you’d like a wrist band or ten sent to you please let us know by clicking here.*

God Bless


Mike Gore is the CEO for Open Doors Australia. Mike is passionate about people and building teams. To contact Mike or book him to speak to your team, church or organisation please email or call 02 9451 2999.

All speaker fees and honorariums need to be made directly to Open Doors Australia.

Open Doors has been serving the persecuted church for 60 years and works in countries where faith costs the most. To find out more or sign up to support people who share our faith but not our freedom please click here.

Twitter: @_MikeGore
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*Postage fees apply with all wristbands. However, if you have a speaker coming to your church soon then they’ll have them available at their Open Doors table.


This blog was originally posted by Mike Gore on LinkedIn.

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