Destruction in Homs, Syria

6 Ways We are Helping in Syria

Working in over 60 countries worldwide, Open Doors runs hundreds of programs, projects and training events. Here are just 6 of the ways Open Doors is providing for the needs of over 9,000 families in Syria.

  1. Food/Relief packs: Many of the people who have fled their homes with nothing would otherwise starve even after finding a safe place. With limited work available, many Open Doors is supporting rely on food and relief packs.Food Packs in Syria
  2. Trauma Care: Seeing the horrors of war can take a huge emotional toll on people and effect their mental health. Through trauma care training we are able to ensure these people receive care for this so they can go on. Many will need trauma support for the rest of their lives. Trauma Care in Syria
  3. Winter Preparations Packs: As the winter months are now coming in Syria, there will be a need for blankets and fuel to keep fires burning. These camp ovens are given to families and serve a dual purpose as they can be used for warmth and cooking food.  Syria Camp Ovens
  4. Pastoral Care: Many of the men and women from local churches are showing Christ’s love in action, dispensing help in these situations. These people also need care so they do not experience burn-out and can deal with the trauma they are exposed to.Pastoral Care Syria
  5. Medical Clinics: Many people do not have access to basic medical treatment. Open Doors is supporting clinics for people who need medical attention. Syrian Health Clinic
  6. Literature Distribution: Of all the items that can get left behind in the chaos, bibles can be among them. Open Doors provides bibles and other Christian literature including children’s bibles.Children's bibles Syria

Open Doors is working in many ways in Syria and these are just 6 of them. We are also supporting Syrian refugees and others in need around the Middle East, with emergency support. If you would like to support this work and bring hope to families in Syria and the Middle East, please donate to the Open Doors Syria Relief Appeal.


Please pray for the nation of Syria.


Give to the Open Doors Syria Relief Appeal.


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