6 quick facts about the Maldives

1. It’s a tourist hotspot and the 13th worst place to be a Christian.


Maldives is a beautiful island, rich in coral reefs and marine life. It’s pristine sandy beaches and clear water beckon visitors from around the world. But Maldives is also on the Open Doors World Watch List of countries where Christians are most persecuted. In fact, it has been a regular among the top 15 countries on the list for many years.

2. There is no church in Maldives, all Maldivians are Muslim.


The handful of believers must meet in secret. Being a Maldivian means being a Muslim; there is no other option. There is a small number of expatriate Christians who have relative freedom, but can only stay amongst themselves. It is illegal to promote any religion other than Islam. A missionary shared that Maldivians can only be reached with the gospel one at a time because of the high risk.

3. There is no Bible in the local language


There is no Bible in the Dhivehi language, there are only translated portions of a few books. Bibles and other Christian materials have to be hidden carefully as having one could result in imprisonment.

4. Prohibited and restricted items include ‘materials contrary to Islam’.

Some of the items you must declare when entering the country includes; materials contrary to Islam and idols for worship.

5. There is lack of Missionaries in Maldives.

It is difficult to find Christian workers with a vision to reach the lost in Maldives. Ministry there is laborious. Missionaries have to trust in God for they may not see fruit.

6. They feel trapped on the island.

Many Maldivians say they want to leave the country because there is no freedom. Some seek solace in smoking and drugs, especially young people. Local media reported in 2014 that drug abuse has become the biggest societal issue in the country.

Pray for Maldivians to experience to freedom from the bondage of sin and find hope and life in Christ. You can find out more about the situation for Christians in the Maldives here.


  • Pray for Missionaries in the Maldives, that God would create opportunities for them to witness.
  • Pray for the Bible to be translated into the Dhivehi language so that believers could read God’s Word.


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One thought on “6 quick facts about the Maldives

  1. May God work a miracle in the hearts of the Maldivians that they may have that vision of Jesus
    great sacrificial love for the people of the Maldives.


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