Islamic extremism and the church in Africa

Boko Haram, al-Shabaab – Radical Islam’s other home

Radical Islam is widely known to be active within the Middle East and North Africa. Yet in Nigeria, Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has been labelled the world’s deadliest terror organisation. Compared to the war against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, al-Shabaab’s war in Somalia is virtually unheard of. While we know al-Qaeda works in places like Afghanistan, Australian missionaries Ken and Jocelyn Elliot were kidnapped by al-Qaeda in Burkina Faso.

Islamic extremism is on the rise in Sub-Saharan Africa, yet it remains relatively unknown. Continue reading

Young Muslim girl finds salvation in Jesus and takes up her cross

Uganda, East AfricaImage above: Mellina and Hadija

Hadija was born into a Muslim family in a small Ugandan fishing town on the shores of Lake Victoria. Aged five, she began secretly attending church, stirred by the singing she heard coming from the church near her home.

When her father found out he warned her to stop, promising to beat her should she disobey. She chose to endure the weekly beatings rather than stop attending church. Continue reading

North Korea: Daily life in 21 photos

North Korea ranks number 1 on the Open Doors World Watch List 2016 as the hardest place to be a Christian. Though we know our God can do anything, it is nearly impossible to be a Christian in North Korea. The church is almost entirely underground and believers fear even sharing their faith with their family.

These photos give just a little insight into daily life in North Korea. Continue reading

Following Christ could cost you these 5 things…

All over the Middle East and North Africa, Muslims who have converted to Christianity struggle with their new identity in Christ. Leaving Islam often leads to exclusion, isolation and sometimes even violence or death.

Following Christ as a former Muslim might cost you these five things:

1. Your Family

A family having a picnic in Oman.

A family having a picnic in Oman.

Often, direct relatives are the first and heaviest persecutors of believers from a Muslim background. Continue reading

The Garissa University attack that killed 147 students – One year on

Today marks one year since the horrific Garissa University attack that killed 147* students in Kenya.

Garissa, Kenya

Garissa, Kenya

Al-Shabaab militants stormed the University campus in Garissa – in Kenya’s volatile east, near the Somali border – and slaughtered mostly Christian students.

The attackers arrived early in the morning, cornered students at morning prayers, killed them. They then roved through the dorms to separate Christians from the remaining students and killing the Christians. A sniper waited outside to kill those who tried to flee. The siege lasted 15 hours.  Continue reading