The Garissa University attack that killed 147 students – One year on

Today marks one year since the horrific Garissa University attack that killed 147* students in Kenya.

Garissa, Kenya

Garissa, Kenya

Al-Shabaab militants stormed the University campus in Garissa – in Kenya’s volatile east, near the Somali border – and slaughtered mostly Christian students.

The attackers arrived early in the morning, cornered students at morning prayers, killed them. They then roved through the dorms to separate Christians from the remaining students and killing the Christians. A sniper waited outside to kill those who tried to flee. The siege lasted 15 hours. 

Shortly after the attack last year, Open Doors spoke with Frederick Gitonga, the 21-year-old Chairman of the University’s Christian Union.

A year on he and a local church leader speak about the impact of the attack.


The Garissa campus was re-opened on 4 January, 2016, nine months after the attack.

The one year memorial events in Garissa will include a marathon with at least 1,000 participants, in a show of solidarity with the people of Garissa.

In Eldoret in western Kenya, at Moi University (a parent campus for the Garissa branch to which students moved to continue studies after the April closure), surviving Christian Union students and leaders plan a big programme, including tree-planting, a procession, candle-lighting, prayers, and speeches from, amongst others, the leaders of the Fellowship of Christian Union Students (FOCUS) – Kenya.

*One student, Risper Mutisya, was still being sought by her father in July 2015.
Source: Open Doors, World Watch Monitor.


  • Pray for the memorial events, for security and peace as they remember the events of the day and those who were killed.
  • Pray for healing for the survivors who may still have lingering trauma and physical injuries.
  • Pray for the families who lost their loved ones to receive comfort from the Lord.


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2 thoughts on “The Garissa University attack that killed 147 students – One year on

  1. It is believed that Almost all, or if not, all Jesus’ Disciples were marterred.
    Jesus was cruely nailed to a Cross. All these died Willingly
    Jesus said “He who is not willing to die for Me, is not Worthy of Me.”
    These Students were Martered, Gave their Whole Life, For the Sake of Jesus.
    With the expanding threat of Foreign Religions, We may yet be required to stand Firm for the Son of God, Our Own, Sovereign Lord of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ, Our Saviour.
    And please remember, If we belong to Jesus, have been Saved, and received God’s Grace,
    Our Appointment will be Completely Acceptable with All the Host of Heaven. This Future is ours.
    If we would rather not die for Jesus, then please read more of God’s Holy Word. To change.


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