Christian persecution in Africa… How we can help!

Christian persecution in Africa is on the rise. As part of this global family, we need to ask the question – how can we help? But first, what does persecution look like in Africa?

What’s it like to be a Christian in Ethiopia?
In some regions of Ethiopia, radical Islam is growing and Christians are becoming more and more vulnerable. Some Muslims harass Christians and deny them access to public resources. Some tribes also pose a threat to Christianity, they demand loyalty from members and see faith as a denial of tribal identity.


What’s it like to be a Christian in Nigeria?
The Islamic militant group Boko Haram have destroyed many churches and left Christians traumatised. Thousands have been kidnapped, including the 200 Chibok girls. Christian communities are also often denied basic living needs like clean water, health clinics or new roads.

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Father Jacques Hamel. Source: CNN

France Church Attack: How can Christians respond?

Islamic State have claimed their first attack on a church in Europe, killing a French priest. An attack like this on Christians is rare in the West, so how as Christians, can we respond?

What happened?

A priest has been killed in an attack claimed by the Islamic State in France. On Tuesday 26 July, two men armed with knives entered Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church, in Normandy, France. During morning mass the pair took the congregation hostage before forcing Father Jacques Hamel to kneel down. Witnesses say the pair then filmed themselves as they executed the priest and made a statement from the pulpit in Arabic. Continue reading

13 Photos From Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a Muslim majority nation with a population of 32.5 million, has a Christian population of only a few thousand. Muslims who convert to Christianity face persecution from their society, friends and even their own family.

Years of war and a strong influence from Islamic extremists have devastated this largely tribal nation. The government is occupied fighting the Taliban, Opium production is nearly the only stable source of income and education is almost non-existent.

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Is persecution returning for Russia’s Christians? – New laws make evangelism illegal

On 20 July 2016, a new law came into place that will highly restrict Russian Christians. No longer will Christians be allowed to evangelise outside of churches, hold private prayer meetings, or legally have house churches.

So why has this happened, what is this law and what can Christians do now?

An illegal gathering of Christians in 1979.

An illegal gathering of Christians in 1979.

Terrorism + Religion = Restriction

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Behind each number is a person, a story – Your impact in 2015

Emergency Relief

Food and relief handed out to Syrian refugees in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon (February 2016).

This post was written by Mike Gore, CEO Open Doors Australia.

Every year we publish our Impact Report. This is not just a financial report, but represents real impact on real lives. Behind every number is a story.

I am often humbled by the reality that the stories we tell from the persecuted church aren’t fictional, nor historical… they are current. To know that this type of persecution is happening in this moment in world history so often drives me to hope-filled prayer.

I’ve had many people ask me the following (very good) questions;

• How does Open Doors work in the field?
• How do you get the money to persecuted believers? Continue reading