Christian persecution in Africa… How we can help!

Christian persecution in Africa is on the rise. As part of this global family, we need to ask the question – how can we help? But first, what does persecution look like in Africa?

What’s it like to be a Christian in Ethiopia?
In some regions of Ethiopia, radical Islam is growing and Christians are becoming more and more vulnerable. Some Muslims harass Christians and deny them access to public resources. Some tribes also pose a threat to Christianity, they demand loyalty from members and see faith as a denial of tribal identity.


What’s it like to be a Christian in Nigeria?
The Islamic militant group Boko Haram have destroyed many churches and left Christians traumatised. Thousands have been kidnapped, including the 200 Chibok girls. Christian communities are also often denied basic living needs like clean water, health clinics or new roads.

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Parents of missing Chibok schoolgirls in prayer.

Parents of missing Chibok schoolgirls in prayer.

What’s it like to be a Christian in Kenya?
Christians face pressure from many aspects of life. The violent Somali Islamic militant group al-Shabaab plunged Northeast Kenya into crisis. Christians also face pressure in their daily lives – particularly those who convert from a Muslim background. Open Doors is working through the local church, providing socio-economic projects, as well as Bible delivery and theological training.

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Church meeting in Garissa, where Christians were targeted in a fatal university shooting.

Church meeting in Garissa. Christians were targeted in a fatal shooting at Garissa University in 2015.

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What can Christians in Australia do?
First, we can pray. These often untold stories are not unheard by our Father in heaven. We can pray that God would strengthen them to endure persecution, and provide for their needs.

You can also help, practically!

Open Doors does Walk to Water, a fundraiser aimed at providing practical support for persecuted Christians in Africa. Since 2009, hundreds of groups from around Australia have walked and raised funds.

You can take part in 3 easy ways:

  1. Lead a walk
    Invite your friends on a walk to your favourite beach, river or lake. Register your event, then raise sponsorship for your walk to support persecuted Christians in Africa. We will send you a Walk to Water resource pack and your unique group number, which you can use to share through email or social media to get sponsored. Register here.
  2. Join a walk
    See the list of walks on our website in your local area that you can join.
  3. Sponsor
    You can sponsor a specific group or simply donate to Walk to Water. All funds will go to practical help for Christians in Africa. Click here to donate.

Visit to find out more!

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