Thousands of people just received their first Bible…

In less than twelve months, 20,000 New Testaments were handed out to Palestinian believers. For many families, this Bible is the first one they have personally owned. A key church leader commented, “We should have done this 2,000 years ago.” Continue reading

It took far more than courage for Brother Andrew to load his VW with Bibles and drive to the border checkpoint of communist countries. He knew his car would be searched by Soviet Border Troops. It took trust in God’s call to take the scriptures to believers behind the Iron Curtain, and inside the Berlin wall to East Germany.

Recently, twenty-nine Open Doors supporters from six countries embarked on a two-week adventure, tracing the roots of Open Doors in Central Europe. You might call it following the pathway of a pioneer – remembering 60 years of serving the Persecuted Church. One of these supporters, who also works for Open Doors, went along and wrote about their experience.


One of our first stops, we went to a now abandoned checkpoint. Teams once took campervans lined with bibles through here, praying the ‘Smuggler’s Prayer’ – “Lord Jesus, when you were upon earth you made blind eyes see…I pray now you make seeing eyes blind.” Guards turned a blind eye and allowed people to pass through the border gates unrestricted. Continue reading

Bless Those Who Persecute You? (Part 2)

Bless Those Who Persecute You

Bless Those Who Persecute You

“Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them: pray that God will bless them” – Romans 12:14

I was recently in Canberra, getting ready to speak about the persecuted church to about 300 people, who had gathered in the Great Hall of Parliament House for the annual Christian Schools Australia conference. As I was at the hotel preparing for the night, I received a phone call from a friend who had recently committed to taking the One With Them Challenge and wearing a wristband. He asked me the following question;

Mike, what does it really look like to bless those who persecute you? Continue reading

Guest Blogger Aimee Shares Her Experience of Interning at Open Doors

Open Doors – Open Eyes

The word convicted is usually associated with a negative connotation for example, when a person is ‘convicted’ of theft or assault. Through hearing the stories of those brave enough to lay down their life for their faith in God, I have been convicted about my own faith in God. Would I be willing to give my life up for the sake of Christ?

We attend church, we read the bible, we worship God, maybe raising our arms in a song every once and a while and of course we remember to pray… when we need something. Up until now I had thought this level of faith was enough, that Jesus was satisfied with our own version of Christianity. I mean I did all of these things, plus I served in the worship team at youth group, I was thinking I had my version of Christianity down pat. Then I heard about the persecuted. Continue reading

Five ways you can pray for Christians in North Korea

The Bible gives us more direction for our prayers than we often realise. Here are five Bible verses from the Gospels which are very encouraging to pray for our North Korean brothers and sisters, especially as they go through rough storms.


Young North Korean girls

Young North Korean girls. (Indicative only)

1.‘Lord, calm the storm.’

“And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Peace! Be still!’ And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” (Mark 4:39)

Leader Kim Jong-Un has unleashed a storm of persecution and oppression on Christians and everyone else he considers as his political enemies. In recent months, over 10,000 people were either killed, incarcerated in prisons and camps or banished to closed villages, Continue reading

Christian Man in Nigeria

What to Pray for Persecuted Christians…

Where do you even start praying for those going through intense persecution?
Here are 5 great inspirations from the Bible to teach us how and what to pray.

  • For their physical protection and deliverance.
    (Matt 26:39, Acts 12:5, Philip 1:19, Phil 22, Rom 15:30-31)
  • That they will endure.
    (Heb 10:36)
  • That they will love their enemies.
    (Luke 6:27-31)
  • That they will see God’s grace as sufficient and God’s power perfected in their weakness.
    (2 Corinth 12:9-10)
  • That they would learn to completely trust in God.
    (2 Corinth 1:8-9)

Continue reading