My daughter was born in this tent…

My daughter was born in this tent and died in it.

You did not get the chance to meet her. If you had met the beautiful Arwa, you would have certainly loved her. I do not have a picture of her. My daughter came into this world and left it without a single picture taken. The world does not know of her existence in the first place.

All of us, we Syrians, have become numbers, numbers that decrease or increase. When the storm came that took her the number decreased.

We tried. We tried a lot to warm her up. I begged for a cover to protect her from the heavy showers, or a small blanket to prevent the cold from seeping into her body. No one cared. She was four months at the time, and her frail body could not bear the cold. Continue reading

Destruction in Homs, Syria

6 Ways We are Helping in Syria

Working in over 60 countries worldwide, Open Doors runs hundreds of programs, projects and training events. Here are just 6 of the ways Open Doors is providing for the needs of over 9,000 families in Syria. Continue reading

Bless Those Who Persecute You? (Part 2)

Bless Those Who Persecute You

Bless Those Who Persecute You

“Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them: pray that God will bless them” – Romans 12:14

I was recently in Canberra, getting ready to speak about the persecuted church to about 300 people, who had gathered in the Great Hall of Parliament House for the annual Christian Schools Australia conference. As I was at the hotel preparing for the night, I received a phone call from a friend who had recently committed to taking the One With Them Challenge and wearing a wristband. He asked me the following question;

Mike, what does it really look like to bless those who persecute you? Continue reading

Guest Blogger Aimee Shares Her Experience of Interning at Open Doors

Open Doors – Open Eyes

The word convicted is usually associated with a negative connotation for example, when a person is ‘convicted’ of theft or assault. Through hearing the stories of those brave enough to lay down their life for their faith in God, I have been convicted about my own faith in God. Would I be willing to give my life up for the sake of Christ?

We attend church, we read the bible, we worship God, maybe raising our arms in a song every once and a while and of course we remember to pray… when we need something. Up until now I had thought this level of faith was enough, that Jesus was satisfied with our own version of Christianity. I mean I did all of these things, plus I served in the worship team at youth group, I was thinking I had my version of Christianity down pat. Then I heard about the persecuted. Continue reading