Vision of Christ Crying for Sinners Saves Muslim Girl in Africa

In the Horn of Africa, the number of Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) has increased radically despite the high cost conversion. Recently Open Doors workers met with several MBBs, including 20 year old Hawa. 

Hawa* from the Horn of Africa.

Hawa* from the Horn of Africa.

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Muslim Imam comes to faith in Jesus

Street scene in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Street scene in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, part of the Horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa region includes Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Awel* is a tall, thin man. His lanky body clad in a bright red sarong, a well-worn shirt and a jacket fraying at the seams. But he is full of joy and greeted visitors on a recent trip loudly, with the only English word he knew.

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Persecution of Christians intensifies worldwide – 2016 World Watch List

View the 50 countries where Christians are persecuted most

North Korea ranked number one

North Korea - Watch tower as seen from the Yalu river

North Korea – Watch tower as seen from the Yalu river

North Korea ranks number one for the 14th consecutive year in the Open Doors World Watch List, ranking the top 50 countries that persecute Christians. The Hermit Kingdom has ranked number one again as leader Kim Jong Un continues to try and stamp out organised religion in what he views as a challenge to his power. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Aimee Shares Her Experience of Interning at Open Doors

Open Doors – Open Eyes

The word convicted is usually associated with a negative connotation for example, when a person is ‘convicted’ of theft or assault. Through hearing the stories of those brave enough to lay down their life for their faith in God, I have been convicted about my own faith in God. Would I be willing to give my life up for the sake of Christ?

We attend church, we read the bible, we worship God, maybe raising our arms in a song every once and a while and of course we remember to pray… when we need something. Up until now I had thought this level of faith was enough, that Jesus was satisfied with our own version of Christianity. I mean I did all of these things, plus I served in the worship team at youth group, I was thinking I had my version of Christianity down pat. Then I heard about the persecuted. Continue reading

Peter was imprisoned in an underground cell because of his faith in Jesus…

WATCH: Passion – Peter in Eritrea

Peter’s full story…

Peter, John and Paul were all imprisoned for their faith.

Peter was arrested when authorities stormed their secret Christian meeting. For almost six years he was held without charges and frequently moved to different prisons. He met John and Paul at the last prison.

“We were asked many times to recant [their Christian faith]. But we refused. And when we refused, we were punished. Sometimes we were not given food or water and made to work in the hot sun hungry. Sometimes we got tied up in the helicopter position and left in the sun for many hours. That was very painful. The police threatened to arrest our other family members also if we refused to recant and sign the document. But all times, we refused because we do not want to leave Jesus.” Continue reading