God Is Radically Transforming People & Villages Across India

Like in the Book of Acts, the gospel is being preached, people are being healed, families are turning to Jesus -and persecution is intensifying in India.

This article was featured in Frontline Faith Magazine – The Book Of Acts Edition.

Rajesh and his wife.

Rajesh and his wife.

This Is Rajesh’s Story
Rajesh* and his wife were Hindus from a village in rural India. When Rajesh became ill with a crippling stomach condition, he did what he would normally do. He prayed to many Hindu gods to try and receive healing. But healing didn’t come.

Encountering A God Of Love Through Healing
Rajesh became curious when he heard that his friend’s mother was healed at a local church. Desperate for healing, Rajesh thought maybe this ‘god’ could heal his stomach. He asked what he needed to do that this ‘god’ might heal him. To Rajesh’s surprise his friend answered, “You don’t have to do anything. Simply believe in Jesus.”   Continue reading

“I Can Die Or I Can Witness… Make Me A Witness For You.”

Over the last year, Sunita* (25) and her sister Meena* (32) have endured intense persecution from members of their village.

This article was first published in our Frontline Faith Magazine – The Rise of Extremism Edition. We have included a September 2016 update at the end of this article.

Their persecution started with their father Meena tells us. “He did not lock us up. But in every aspect we had to take care of ourselves. The entire village rejected us, but we were blessed by the Lord.” Continue reading

Persecution of Christians intensifies worldwide – 2016 World Watch List

View the 50 countries where Christians are persecuted most

North Korea ranked number one

North Korea - Watch tower as seen from the Yalu river

North Korea – Watch tower as seen from the Yalu river

North Korea ranks number one for the 14th consecutive year in the Open Doors World Watch List, ranking the top 50 countries that persecute Christians. The Hermit Kingdom has ranked number one again as leader Kim Jong Un continues to try and stamp out organised religion in what he views as a challenge to his power. Continue reading

Women, poverty and the persecuted church…

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. – James 1:27

Recently I have been researching and reflecting on the circumstances of women around the world. Here are some astonishing statistics from the Poverty is Sexist report from One.org to get you thinking: 

  • Only about 20% of poor rural girls in Africa complete primary education.
  • In many countries women in paid work earn 10–30% less than men.
  • 39,000 girls under the age of 18 become child brides every day.
  • A woman in Sierra Leone is 183 times more likely to die giving birth than a woman in Switzerland.

Some of you might be thinking, “Okay sure, women are more deeply affected by poverty – but what has that got to do with persecuted Christian women?” Well – a lot! Continue reading