Why I Do ‘Blackout’

This blog was written by Angelica, an Open Doors Australia worker.

Blackout is a fundraiser for the persecuted church. Could you stay silent for 48hrs to raise awareness and funds for those who suffer persecution for simply following Jesus? Scroll down for the video!

I’m tired of a mediocre faith. I’m tired of being silent about my faith and my hope in Jesus. I’m tired of making excuses to not give to God’s cause. I’m tired… of being absorbed by feeds, statuses, pics, memes and vines… of neglecting the word of God… of a weak prayer life…

I’m tired of living for the world instead of seeking first the Kingdom of God. Continue reading

Surviving ‘Blackout’- Open Doors Youth

What is Blackout?

Blackout is a fundraiser, but it’s so much more than that.
It’s about standing with Christians who are being silenced for their faith. For 48 hours, we are asking you to turn all off; your phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, emails or your voice, so that you can tune in to what God is saying.

For 48 hours we want you to pray, get stuck in God’s Word and learn the stories of the persecuted – so that they might be heard. For 48 hours we want you to go silent so that you might be a voice for the voiceless. You can register here.

We want you to ‘Turn off and Tune in’.

Why should I do it?

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Iraq: The church that stayed…

You’ve probably heard the story behind the symbol used to mark Christians by IS (self procalimed Islamic State).
What you probably don’t know is the story behind the city on this shirt.

#WeAreN shirt

#WeAreN shirt

It’s called Alqosh.
It’s a Christian majority town in Northern Iraq.
It is also now the only Christian town in the Nineveh Plain not taken by IS.

Most cities like Mosul are now virtually empty of Christians, with no churches holding Christian services for the first time in almost 2 millennium.
Churches have been claimed by IS as prisons and distribution centres, with crosses being torn down and replaced with the IS flag.

Alqosh has Christians who have remained, despite IS coming very close to the town. These are places where the history and stories of the Bible were formed, and have had a Christian presence since the early church for over 1500 years. And they are now on the brink of destruction.

75% of the church in Iraq have left since the 1990s.

75% of the church in Iraq have left since the 1990s.

Over 75% of the church have left Iraq since the early 1990’s.
Could you imagine if three quarters of the church disappeared from Australia and the spiritual impact that would have on this country?

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if this happened in Australia, if my family were threatened and forced out of their homes for their faith.
Then I remember, they are my family in Christ.

We will pray as one body and one family.
We will strengthen what remains and not let the church fade away.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” – Romans 8:18

This blog post was written by James, who leads Open Doors Australia’s Youth’s Ministry.

Open Doors Youth is a movement responding the the cry of the persecuted church. A voice that tells their story, unashamedly standing up for those who suffer persecution. 

Want to get involved? For more information on how to do this please visit www.opendoorsyouth.org.au or find us on Facebook.

This shirt is still available to purchase (limited sizes).

Blackout – Join the silent army


Blackout | Make a loud noise by staying silent

Are you taking part in the Open Doors Youth Blackout?
Blackout is 48 hours of fasting from either social media or speaking. You give up something you do regularly to raise money and prayer for the persecuted church. Blackout is a year long event, you can register and run it any time!

Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your weekend and some helpful resources to pray for, be informed and support the persecuted church:

1. Pray
Blackout is a fundraiser, but its so much more than that.
The number one request we get from persecuted Christians is prayer. Continue reading