3 Reasons to Pray During Ramadan

A Mosque in Indonesia.

A Mosque in Indonesia.

Ramadan is observed by Muslims as a month of fasting and prayer, to mark the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Each year, we ask our supporters to join us in prayer during this time.

But, why should Christians pray during the Islamic month of Ramadan?

Here are 3 reasons why we pray during Ramadan.

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A Dedicated Faith – A Christian Response to Ramadan

This year Open Doors is asking churches and small groups in Australia and New Zealand to participate in A Dedicated Faith. We want to see Muslims who are seeking God, find who He truly is and come learn the truth about Jesus. We also want to uplift Christians living in Islamic countries throughout Ramadan.

Ramadan, an opportune time…

Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar running from 6 June – 5 July. During these 30 days, Muslims will fast during sunlight hours, and pray in order to get closer to Allah. Muslim’s believe that it was during Ramadan that the first revelations of the Quran were made to Muhammad.


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Believers in Aleppo, Syria gather for day of prayer

Christians in Aleppo, Syria asked Christians around the world to join them in prayer on Sunday 8 May. See below for specific prayer requests and quotes from believers about the recent conflict.

Thank you for joining believers in Aleppo to pray for their city on Sunday. These photos are from prayer gatherings in Aleppo. 

Syrian Christians gather for prayer on Sunday 8 May

Syrian Christians gather for prayer on Sunday 8 May

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6 quick facts about the Maldives

1. It’s a tourist hotspot and the 13th worst place to be a Christian.


Maldives is a beautiful island, rich in coral reefs and marine life. It’s pristine sandy beaches and clear water beckon visitors from around the world. But Maldives is also on the Open Doors World Watch List of countries where Christians are most persecuted. In fact, it has been a regular among the top 15 countries on the list for many years.

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A Fugitive for the Gospel in Laos…


Christians in Laos feel the firm grip of Communism. Believers who meet for fellowship are regularly visited by authorities, while those who share the gospel face expulsion from their village, arrest and death threats. Thomas* is a believer on the run who has seen many come to Christ, “I have always been running. This is the third time I’ve escaped.” 

When we met Thomas he was hiding in a Bible college outside Laos. “I have been crying for two days. I cannot sleep at night. I don’t know where to go and what to do next. I only have two choices: live an uncertain life, or go back to Laos and die.”

Thomas has paid dearly for sharing the gospel, unable to see his wife and children. “I just want a place of peace where I can stay legally. I also want to continue sharing the Gospel,” he says. “All my life I have suffered; I would like to have freedom. I also don’t want my family to suffer. At the moment, nobody is taking care of them. My wife does some farming to feed the family. If I could just go back, I would. I cannot call my wife nor can my wife call me. The government did something to our phones.” Continue reading

Is Passion the most overused, underrated and misunderstood word in our Christian vocabulary?

Pyramids in Egypt

This blog is from Open Doors Australia CEO, Mike Gore. Check out his blog here.

As I walked through the streets of Old Islamic Cairo everywhere I looked I saw passion, devotion and a spiritual discipline that I can’t help but acknowledge… sometimes it’s in the wrong things even the wrong God!

But every now and then as though a light piercing through the darkest of nights I saw it explode into life pointed in the right direction and at the right God and it was one of the most inspirational and contagious things I’ve ever seen.

True Passion causes people to risk everything… life, family, wealth and status all in a radical pursuit of God.

I recently spent time with 2 beautiful girls from Iran Miriam and Marzieyh. They were so desperate to share Christ with their nation they secretly distributed almost 20,000 Bibles in Tehran. Sadly, they were caught distributing these Bibles and placed into the notorious Evin Prison and sentenced to death by hanging. Continue reading

10 life-changing moments from the persecuted church in 2015

We asked our CEO, Mike, to tell us what has challenged or encouraged him in his faith this year. These were his answers…

1. Indonesia: ‘We will not stop hunting Christians’


We will not stop hunting Christians’ – these have to be some of the most chilling words I heard from last year, words used by extremists after they had burnt this church down. This image really brings to life the reality of persecution in Indonesia. It’s an image that for me really conveys stress, anxiety, pressure and fear.

2. Egypt: 21 Christians killed, Believers respond with love Continue reading