Following Christ could cost you these 5 things…

All over the Middle East and North Africa, Muslims who have converted to Christianity struggle with their new identity in Christ. Leaving Islam often leads to exclusion, isolation and sometimes even violence or death.

Following Christ as a former Muslim might cost you these five things:

1. Your Family

A family having a picnic in Oman.

A family having a picnic in Oman.

Often, direct relatives are the first and heaviest persecutors of believers from a Muslim background. Continue reading

Her family disowned her for becoming a Christian…

Tunisia is known for it’s magnificent ancient ruins and golden beaches nestled along the Mediterranean coastline. In recent years, social unrest and violence in the country has made headlines following the revolution in 2011 that was wide-spread in the Arab world. In 2015, there was also two attacks on foreign tourists, both committed by Islamic terrorist groups. Continue reading